Please Take Me Home – a post from a member of our UK community.

Silhouette of a girl sitting cross legged alone in the dark.

Panic attack, 4am. The 4th this week. Where is she? What is she doing. I imagine her angelic face buried into the hospital issue pillow, praying she is sleeping. Sending my angel to hers asking them both to wrap their arms around her. I won’t sleep now like the hundreds of nights before. I clean the house, anything to keep thinking about what has happened to us. It’s a parental nightmare.

26 months in ATU. The threats they made at the start were real. We spoke up, we let others know and they fought back with endless amounts of money to divide and conquer our family out of pure spite. For 21 years we never asked for help. They didn’t offer help either. Then one day our daughter needed help. What a mistake to ask.

The psychiatrist is a sick one, probably mentally messed up himself, is on a power trip after we challenged him and others about the prolonged detention, akin to prison. The others followed including the social worker whose bones are made of willow, bending to the whims of his masters just to keep his job. So much for looking out for the rights of my daughter.

Our beautiful, autistic daughter institutionalised now. Eats her meals with a wooden fork, paces up and down a corridor with no access to others except nurses who, when they are not injecting her with anti-psychotics, all know how horrific the situation is but dare not speak up. (except for one who agreed her situation is a travesty).

Two years in a psych ward. Secluded. Never been home. I asked the psych what ‘behaviour’ he would present with if he was my daughter,. I tell you no word of a lie, he laughed and said she ‘was getting good care’. My older son told him to f**k off. That was the start of it, the campaign against us. If you are not aware of the power these people have, I suggest you inform yourself.
It takes every ounce of will and energy to visit my beloved daughter now. “Please take me home”, coupled with “I shouldn’t be here” are her plea at every visit. She is chemically restrained, her head is down, her speech is slurred, she walks like an 80 year old with dementia. What can I say? We have no control. Her father is destroyed, her siblings don’t know what to say. Our house is a place of sadness and darkness, the heart has been ripped out of our family. How can the world not know what is going on in these nightmare holes of hell? Where are the human rights advocates? Where are the autism charities who turn a blind eye? Over 2000 locked up for something they didn’t do.

Our family is forever changed. Once I had a daughter, the centre of our family, most beloved, smart, quirky, funny, creative, happy. She is still my wonderful daughter but she is not who she used to be.
She turned 21 with no support in adulthood, things deteriorated. Asked for help. They took our daughter because we asked for help. We are being treated like defendants in a criminal court case. If you are reading this and you think this couldn’t happen to you and your beloved child, think on. We were that family. This very day, another family is experiencing the inconcievable heartache we feel. Can you imagine going into the jungle and a wild animal attacks your child? That is what this is like. It’s not going to go away until EVERY family speaks up and demands justice. Can you do that? If not for my daughter, do it for your own children or your children’s children.

My daughter is autistic. She committed no crime.