Rightful Lives’ response to the Metropolitan Police Force’s decision regarding mental health crises

In this video, Rightful Lives’ Alexis Quinn looks at the implications of the Metropolitan Police Force’s decision not to respond to mental health incidents that are not seen as immediately life threatening, disproportionately impacting neurodivergent populations.

We believe that the police have duties under the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act which they are unilaterally setting aside before alternative services are in place. And we wonder if NHSE and ICBs will step up to provide those services because people will not be safe. Police have a duty to protect lives, even neurodivergent lives. They are the only ones that can convey using legal s136 powers.

We have asked NHSE, the Ministry of Justice and the Metropolitan Police Force to issue statements about how distressed neurodivergent people will be kept safe (and not criminalised) in the light of this development.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/FXShy2i0jkw