What Are They Really Counting?

What are they really counting?

Why is everyone so focussed on the numbers of autistic people and people with learning disabilities stuck in hospitals?

What does this actually tell us…if anything?

Often the reason why our people are detained is because they are in a totally inappropriate situation or environment where they are being failed. Poor quality, insufficient or non existent care and support is at the heart of that failure. If people get out of hospital, it will be timely, agile, safe and supportive community care that will prevent them from being readmitted. Fundamentally, what is wrong starts in the community and ends in the community.

So why is everybody so focussed on the number of people in hospital? Why is this number the measurement of the success – and failure – of Building the Right Support?

In our video we look at other ways of measuring success. Maybe it’s time to change the focus?

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