Art by Josh Andrade-Martinez

Josh’s mum, Leo, tells us a bit about Josh’s art.

Josh is 16 and a young artist.
He loves art and can name any famous artist in seconds since  age 7.

He goes to art lesson on Saturdays.
Being an artist has given my son huge confidence.
Josh has autism and OCD with social and health anxiety.
Those issues hinder him hugely but I am so very proud of him for going to those classes as it’s hugely difficult for him to deal with society and groups of people.

One of his pieces have been acquired by Lush cosmetics for Christmas 2023 paper. On that paper will be little secret messages that both Joshy and I did.
He is so very proud of it and so am I.

He has sold two of his paintings.
And was choked by how much it went for.
The money goes to the charity that gives him the lessons.
So he has not made any money.
A Chinese gallery in Hong Kong is interested in taking the painting of the monkey to Hong Kong.
We don’t know if it will happen but if it does, again it’s a huge achievement for a young man who would not speak to anyone or ever go out unless it was to school and even school was hard.

It goes to show that if you have an ability and you have autism or any other disability and people tell you what you can’t do and not what you can , you will never know what you can go for.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t.